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When you don't have the time to scrub your floor and then buff it spray buffing is a great alternative.  Spray buffing utilizes a spray buffing compound and a polishing pad to clean and polish all in one step.  This method is great for producing a high gloss in between you scrub and burnish schedule.


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The purpose of spray buffing a floor is to both light scrub and polish at the same time.  When spray buffing be sure to remove all heavy soil before beginning.  A burnisher with a spray buff pad should be used when spray buffing.

  • Dust mop the floor to remove a debris and dust.

  • Burnish the floor using a burnishing floor pad and spray buffing compound or solution.

  • Dust the floor to remove micro-particles of floor finish and dust.


  • Make sure that your floor has been prepared for scrubbing.  After the floor has been prepared vacuum or dust mop the floor to remove any dust.  We recommend that you spray your dust mop with dust mop treatment to remove as much dust as possible.  Make sure to remove anything stuck to the floor because this will gum up or rip the floor pad.

  • Make sure that the floor you are burnishing does not and will not have traffic moving through it.  Use warning signs to make sure the area where you are scrubbing is marked out so that everyone is aware of it.

  • Before you spray buff any area make sure that you have removed and dirt and debris from the floors surface using a dust mop.

  • When spray buffing a floor use a burnisher that rotates the floor pad at least 800 rpm.   When spray buffing divide the room into 4'x4' squares.  Spray the spray buff solution into the square and buff until the floor is glossy.  Solution tanks are available for some burnishers.  These burnishers are able to release the spray buff solution into the spray buffing floor pad.  Spray buff the sides of the room first then swing the burnisher side to side towards the center of the room.  Overlap your previous path by about 6 inches with the burnisher.

  • After the room has been burnished use a dust mop to remove fine particles of floor finish and dust.

  • Burnishers with solution tanks come in all sizes and styles and start in the $1700 range for a base model. ( National Super Service makes a wide range of burnishers at low prices.)








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