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  How to mop a floor correctly

Mopping a floor seems like a simple task, but not mopping a floor correctly can cause injury if not done right.  here is the correct procedure for mopping a floor.  Following our directions will make your floors look great.



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  • Use proper wet floor signage.  Proper floor signs are available in an assortment of shapes colors and sizes.  A slip on a wet floor can cost you money from accidents and lawsuits.  Wet floor signs are relatively inexpensive and can fold away neatly so they don't take up much space.

  • Prepare the area by moving an obstacles before mopping begins.

  • Sweep, vacuum or dust mop the floor to remove any large debris.

  • When wet mopping a floor use two buckets.  One bucket should be used for your cleaning solution and the other should contain fresh cold water as a rinse.  Not rinsing a floor can leave a dull chemical haze and make the floor slippery in spots.

  • Make sure to follow the manufacturers directions when using any cleaning chemicals, this will insure that you get optimum performance from your floor cleaner.  Fill your bucket 2/3 full for both buckets.

  • When mopping a floor,  work from the farthest corner of the room to the entrance.  To mop open flooring move the mop from left to right in a figure eight motion. Move back one step after each side to side motion.  The mop tip 20 degrees from a vertical position toward the person moping.  The mop should pass at approximately 12-16 inches from the feet.

  • When mopping hallways let the mop strands just touch the wall or baseboards.  Move down the sides of the hallways first and then mop down the center.

  • When the mop starts to look dirty plunge the mop head into your solution up and down about three times.  Place the mop in the wringer and apply firm pressure with the handle.  Turn the mop around in the wringer and apply pressure with the wringer handle once more.

  • After the room has been mopped with your floor cleaning chemical let the floor dry.  Once the floor has dried fully repeat the process using your fresh water rinse.  Letting the floor dry first can reduces the chance of slipping when performing the fresh water rinse.

  • After these steps have been completed clean and store the floor mopping tools.











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